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Step 5: Limiting online presence.

If you are always in a chat (Gatt/AIM/FBchat), either block your friend or you don’t forget to create

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an employment status up!

If you’re a person who goes one or two times a week, don’t block it! Your work has been completed: Online friendship gives you the luxury of answering (or not responding) if you wish!

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Step 6: Save the dating relationship.

Maintaining a dating relationship means that you can communicate with this \”friend\”, but only when you are at the big party/go out or be with mutual friends ..

So you don’t have to spend the same time with this person, and you have the luxury to say hello and move on …

Why are these six stages important?

They don’t burn bridges! You never know how people change, and you and your not compatible friend can become truly compatible in the future. The idea is to make your \”separation\” look like a friendship that broke up …

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about being very clumsier when you run into each other! In fact, there is a chance that you will be sincerely happy to see each other!

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Sumita is a recent graduate of Rutgers University with a dual major in the field of biological sciences and psychology and minor in South Asian studies. While in Rutger, Sassita found the first university head in the Esilon Delta, the international community, and

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served as Coordinator and President of the Colony. Sumita has discovered a passion for writing in college when, instead of working in biology laboratories, it has been a pleasure to study and write newspapers. When she graduated from college, she took 180 degrees for her career and had a passion for writing. Susmita enjoys the cooking and chronicology of his cooking expeditions in his blog \”Macaroni & Masala\”. She is seeking to speak fluent French and Italian, and her interests include photography, travel, art history and interior design. Susmita earned the nickname \”Brown Oprah\” as a psychotherapist for her friends and family, offering tips on dating, interpersonal relations, life goals, and school. In the Cures Susmita College, her \”inner Oprah\” and tips based on her experience as a college student